F&V Marketing Supply Sdn Bhd

About Us

F&V Marketing Supply Sdn Bhd is a company based in Selangor, Malaysia. Established in 2010, we strongly uphold the philosophy of “Go Green, Go Healthy” and have been committed to guide people to lead healthier lives through a scientific approach.

Our Amo Tea is located in Dahan Mountains and surrounded by dense forests, covering an area of 30 acres. After decades of meticulous cultivation and advanced planting technology, our orchard currently cultivates superior and of high quality soursop trees. Every soursop leaf is all-natural, pesticide and hormone free. We hope those who are experiencing health problems are able to relieve their health concerns and gain better health through our organic soursop leaf tea.

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Our Mission

Support sustainable planting to preserve our environment


Our Message

Maintain overall well-being by using the most natural ingredient


Future Vision

Play an increasingly crucial role in improving public health


Our Goal

Spread hope and encourage people to lead a healthier lifestyle

Helped over 50000 customers
with concerning health conditions

Launched product in more
than 200 stores

Produced quality crops from
a 30 acres orchard in Dahan Mountains, Malaysia

Our Founder

Dato Tiong the founder sees the importance of daily’s healthcare to every individual, he established F&V in 2010, a company planting soursop and producing soursop tea. Soursop tea is very beneficial to human health, and Amo Tea by F&V has awarded different recognitions and certifications. Its plantation is situated among the forests in Gunung Tahan, sizes to 30 acres and has been growing for more than ten years now.


Food Safety Industry Certification accredited by Ministry of Health


Food Production Safety Certification


First-rate Manufacturer Certification


Approved by Ministry of Health Malaysia


Halal Certification


SGS Test Report